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My name is Kim Dumont, owner of Little Bay Pet Services, LLC. I grew up in a small town on the seacoast of New Hampshire. As a child I loved playing with the neighbor’s dogs, visiting the cows at the farm in town, and providing a home for two rescue cats of my own. After a career in marketing and merchandising I switched gears to start a family. My daughter was born a passionate animal lover like myself. Through nurturing her love for all types of animals, I realized that starting a pet sitting business would be a perfect fit for my new life as a Mom.

I started Little Bay Pet Services, LLC eight and a half years ago with a marketing degree and a big dose of hope. Today I share my home with my husband, daughter, a German shepherd and three cats. Yes…it’s a mini zoo!

I enjoy educating myself about animal behaviors, products and foods so I can pass this information on to my clients. The most rewarding aspect of owning a pet sitting business is the lasting relationships I have built with my clients and their pets.



Heather has always had a strong love and deep connection for animals. Heather has owned three Scottie dogs; Maggie being her current best buddy. At the age of 10 Heather started pet sitting for friends. In high school she was called on by friends to sit for their farm animals. She became the “go to girl” to call when friends or family members needed care for their furry friends.

Heather truly understands how important it is to provide excellent care to client’s pets and treats them as they were her own. Heather provides overnight care for those who are looking for an alternative to boarding. She will stay in your home while you are away and make sure that your pooch never gets lonely at night. Heather enjoys the bond she develops with her clients animals by sharing their environment! When asked she will even share the bed with her four-legged friends.



Petey grew up with cats and dogs in her home in New York then moved to New Hampshire to attend college. After college she decided New Hampshire is where she wanted to live.
Petey and her family share their Seacoast home with two spoiled dogs, an 11 year old Golden Retriever named Hayley and a 3 year old Havenese named Henry. After working in the sporting goods industry for 23 years, she decided to make a career change and look for a job that would include working with animals in some capacity.

Petey currently works as a receptionist at a busy Seacoast Veterinary Hospital and previously worked at a doggy daycare. When not working, Petey keeps very active playing recreational basketball and ice hockey. She also enjoys hiking, biking, running and camping. Another passion is taking photos for her small photography business.



Haley has always had a huge place in her heart for animals. Haley grew up surrounded by all different types and sizes of animals including cats, bunnies, dogs, donkeys and horses. Haley’s family currently has two dogs, three cats, three alpacas and an elderly miniature horse. Having experience with all these animals makes Haley very flexible and gives her a deep understanding of animal care.

She is currently a Junior at the University of New Hampshire majoring in Recreation Management and Policy. Although she lives on campus she makes sure to go home every week and spend time with her dogs.



Karen has always had deep respect and appreciation for animals, and pets have had a special place in her life since she was a child. She has owned cats and dogs, has maintained both fresh and saltwater aquariums, and, over the years, has been co-caretaker to a variety of her children’s small furry and not-so-furry friends. Karen felt especially grateful when sharing outdoor adventures with her two dogs, Max and Haley. Most recently, she adopted two very snuggly cats, Finn and Buckets.

Karen works at the Seacoast Science Center in Rye and is a trained Marine Mammal Rescue volunteer. She is also a certified Reiki Master, artist, and soap-maker. Karen enjoys hiking, kayaking, cooking, gardening, and just about anything that involves being creative or nature.



Over the years, Lindsey has shared her home with dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, and fish, and has been taking care of animals since her elementary years. She currently lives with her two cats, one old fluff and one tiny calico sprite, as well as two roommate dogs. She found her way to the Seacoast area several years ago while pursuing graduate studies, and found such a sense of home in the area that she settled in and stayed. She has since become the de-facto pet sitter for friends and family, and loves meeting new fur-friends and their fabulous humans.



Bonnie has always been a lover of animals. Growing up there was always a pet in her family’s
home…. dogs, birds, bunnies and even a pet lamb. When she started her own family Bonnie
always included a cat or a dog in the household.

After moving to New Hampshire in 2000 Bonnie volunteered on the planning committee for the
expansion of the Cocheco Valley Humane Society’s home facility.

As a retired business woman, Bonnie spends her time playing golf, pickleball and is very active
with the Greenland Women’s Club. Her favorite pet is her “grandpuppy” Nike.



Hanna grew up with small breed dogs including a Yorkshire Terrier and a Maltese. She also loved visiting her grandmothers two black labs. During her time at the University of New Hampshire, Hanna took every opportunity to pet and play with animals, whether it was a cat, dog or bunny. Hanna loves to surround herself with animals. She calls it her “Therapy Time.”

Hanna currently lives on the Seacoast with her roommate and a cute little hamster. She is the Hospitality and Events Assistant at the Portsmouth Country Club, and enjoys spending her free time with the furry members of Little Bay Pet Services.



MUST LOVE DOGS…..and I do!!!!

Kimberely has been an animal lover all of her life, growing up with and caring for her beloved dogs, cats, turtles, birds and a neighbor’s horse.

Kimberely received a degree in Recreational Therapy, where she was instrumental in getting a dog therapy program underway to visit nursing homes in Colorado.

Kimberely has since moved to the seacoast area, where she enjoys sharing her home with a rat terrier/daschund mix named Finn, and a basset hound named Deitz. Pets truly are a blessing!

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