Pets Of The Week – Ceol & Orca

ceolorcaCeol and Orca have been friends of Little Bay Pet Services for many years. Their pet parents love to travel so Ceol and Orca’s pet sitters Linda, Kim and Luanne make sure that they are well taken care of while their Mom and Dad enjoy their trips.

Ceol is sure to greet her sitters at the door when they arrive. She is very sociable and looks forward to her playtime after her meal. She is a curious kitty and requires lots of activity. Her Mom says if she doesn’t get the proper amount of exercise she will find mischief. Some of her favorite things to do are hide in boxes, jump in piles of tissue paper and chase anything on a string.

Orca is on the shy side but occasionally she will watch Ceol playing from a distance. When she’s not watching Ceol’s playful antics, she’s stalking the birds on the back deck through the slider. Sometimes a brave squirrel will come face to face with Orca on the other side of the glass. This will cause a lot of excitement and prey mode kicks in!

Little Bay Pet Services enjoy visiting these sweet girls when their parents travel and look forward to continued fun!

 Ceol  Orca