Pet Of The Week – Hans

HansHans has been a friend of Little Bay Pet Services for over 5 years now. He enjoys his walks with all of his sitters. Hans is a very sociable boy and takes pleasure in greeting other dogs along his walking route. He will always let you know where all the other cats and dogs live in the neighborhood by letting out a squeaky noise when he walks by.

Hans is a true New Hampshire canine. He’s always happy to walk in any type of weather and never complains. On rainy days he does look forward to getting towel dried after a wet walk.

One of my favorite stories to tell about Hans is his love for his raw hide chew sticks. One day when I (Kim) arrived for his walk he insisted on carrying a raw hide chew in his mouth. It was a fall day, so he stopped to bury it in the leaves. On our way back, he uncovered it and carried it home. He looked so smooth and regal as he strutted down the street. Passersby couldn’t help but smile. All of Hans’ sitters have truly enjoyed his sweet and calm demeanor, and can’t wait to see what this happy dog does next.

 Hans Hans