Pet Of The Week – Maggie


We were living in Hong Kong when Maggie came into our lives. I had a dog with heart problems so we frequented the vet. During one of my vet visits, I heard this screaming meow like I’d never heard before and had to inquire. The vet staff brought me to a 4 month old feral kitten with both eyes sewn shut. A woman found this kitten with her left eye in terrible shape from some type of attack…human or animal. We had just adopted another cat named Tycoon and we were hesitant to take on a third pet, but we decided we could give her a loving family. She had one more round of operations on her eyes and we took her home.

We kept trying to think of a Chinese name to match Tycoon but nothing was fitting for this tiny kitten. We did the recommended cat introduction by keeping her in a separate room and letting her and Tycoon get to know each other by sniffing under the door. Maggie got tired of being locked up and skirted out when set free. She proceeded to yell in Tycoon’s face and marched herself over to his food bowl. She loudly announced, “I’m in charge now!” We decided we would call her Margaret Thatcher or Maggie for short.

Maggie is now 16 and has lived in Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Chicago, Texas, Florida and now New Hampshire. She even understands certain Cantonese words. She’s never weighted over 5 lbs and I’m pretty sure it is all lungs. Maggie’s meow is well known. My landlord wants me to donate her to science so they can study her lungs.

Maggie’s primary pet sitter is Tiffany and she has never loved a pet sitter as much as Tiffany and her son.

Maggie’s owner Bonnie

maggie   maggie   maggie