Pet Of The Week – Mischa

MischaLittle Bay Pet Services has been visiting Mischa for many years now. Mischa is a sweet, loving girl. She spends her days sleeping in a sunny upstairs room but always comes running down to greet her sitter.

Mischa’s favorite moments are spent sitting with her sitter and getting a relaxing brushing. In the warmer months, Mischa relishes in her brushing on the screened in porch. There are also many birds for Mischa to be mesmerized by. Hummingbirds whiz by, teasing her as they go from feeder to feeder drinking the yummy nectar. Squirrels and chipmunks race through the bushes below causing Mischa to become entranced by all the activity.

We have to shake the treat bag to get her back in the house once the visit has ended. Little Bay Pet Services looks forward to many more years of fun visits with our friend.

 mischa1 mischa2