Pet Of The Week – Olivia

Olivia is a long time friend of Little Bay Pet Services. Her sitter Kim has been walking her since 2010. Olivia, or Ollie as she is often called is a black lab mix. She is a shy, nervous dog so Kim has been her only dog walker to keep things consistent. When Kim first started walking Ollie she would find her hiding under the bed when she arrived for their walk, but after years of building a trusting relationship, Kim and Ollie have an amazing friendship. Now Ollie happily greets Kim at the door and is so excited to head out for her walk.

Ollie doesn’t care much to walk along the street in her neighborhood, so instead she and Kim head to the Urban Forestry Center. It allows Ollie to peacefully sniff along the woods and be at ease with her surroundings without the distraction of cars and other loud noises that frighten her. It’s such a special moment when you realize that you have broken down the barrier and and now you have a pet that trusts you. Our relationships with our pets are much like those of our human relationships. It takes work and time, but it is so worth the effort.