Pets Of The Week – Bear, Blue & Abby

AbbyAbby is always excited when her sitters Kim and Linda visit. When the sitters arrive she greets them with various welcoming sounds. Abby enjoys a good conversation and if you are lucky she will dance for you. Put on some good music and she will really put on a show by flipping upside down and fanning her wings. “Pretty Abby” we tell her. She eats up the praise for her beautiful display. We often leave the music channel on for her so she has a sense of company while we are not there. Abby shares her home with two Rag Doll cats named Bear and Blue, but they don’t bother her. While her sitter takes care of the cats Abby will squawk loudly to let them know that she is not getting enough attention.

Bear and Blue are sweet and gentle boys. Bear is the more outgoing cat and Blue is on the shy side, but both really enjoy their visits from Kim and Linda. Bear is the door greeter and will follow his sitter around the entire visit. Blue keeps his distance, but if he’s feeling confident he’ll engage in a good cuddle session. We look forward to our visits we these three.


Bear  blue