Pets Of The Week – Mac & Fenway

MacFenwayNewKim first met Mac eight years ago, making him the pet she has known the longest. Their relationship started when Mac’s owner called Little Bay Pet Services when he was just 6 months old. Mac had been going to doggie daycare but was asked to leave since he nipped the daycare attendant when she tried to put on his collar. I remember getting the phone call asking if I would be able to walk Mac 3 days a week. I was very new in my business, but excited to give Mac a chance despite his nipping. To this day, the owner and I laugh as we talk about our initial “Meet & Greet” and how Mac was chewing on the table legs as we talked. Over the years, Mac and I have developed an amazing relationship. Every time I arrive at his house to walk him, he greets me with undeniable love and happiness.

Fenway became a part of the household as an 8 week old puppy many years later. Mac took him under his wing and today they are best buddies. Unlike Mac, who thinks he’s a lap dog, Fenway thinks he’s is a big dog in a small body when out on walks. At home though, he’s more like a cat. He always find the sunniest spot in the house to sleep. Fenway is not fond of inclement weather, so he will play dead when I arrive in hopes that I won’t take him outside. Sometimes he hides on me and it’s a game to “find Fenway.” Both are extremely loving dogs who hold a very special place in my heart.

Kim Dumont, Owner, Little Bay Pet Services

Fenway1  Fenway2
Mac1  Mac2