Pets of the Week – Sarah Bear, Trixie Pixie and Sasha

june9Meet Sarah Bear, Trixie Pixie and Sasha, our featured pets of the week. Little Bay Pet Services sitters Kim, Luanne and Heather really enjoy visiting these sweet girls when their pet parents go on vacation.

Sarah Bear (black cat) is the congenial one of the group. She is guaranteed to be the first to greet our sitters when they arrive. She has a calm and loving temperament and looks forward to her decadent treat of cream during her sitters visit.

Trixie Pixie’s favorite thing to do is drink from the faucet. She prefers a fresh stream of H2O as many kitties do and will patiently wait for her sitter to turn on the water.

Sasha is the shy girl of the bunch but she has such a gentle demeanor. She likes the company but prefers to observe from a distance. Although each has their individual habits, jointly they love to bask in the sun and snooze in their beds. During the warmer months they enjoy sitting on the screened in porch taking in the fresh air. In addition they take great pleasure in year round bird watching. Their pet parents have several feeders for their viewing pleasure.

sasha sarahbear Trixie Pixie