Pets of the Week: Stoli & Chaquitos

stoli-chaquitosMeet Stoli and Chaquitos, our featured “Pets of the Week.” Little Bay Pet Services has had the pleasure of taking care of Stoli and Chaquitos since 2008 when their pet parents go on vacations.

Stoli is a very regal cat who loves to play with string. He is a very friendly boy and enjoys visits with his pet sitter Kim.

Chaquitos is a beautiful Maine Coon cat with a sweet, but shy personality. Her favorite activity is to chase the kitty laser light. Stoli is wise to the fact that this is an ongoing game and knows where the light source is coming from, but likes to observe from a distance. Their favorite is game is to hide all of their toys under the furniture and watch as Kim digs them out one by one.